Mack Real Estate Development LLC (MRED), formerly known as Mack Urban, LLC, is a full-service development platform specialized in entitling, designing, and delivering institutional quality residential real estate projects on the West coast.   MRED’s expertise is in creating value for complex in-fill projects by utilizing innovative entitlement, design, and construction strategies.  Since 2013, MRED has delivered or is in development on over 3,800 residential units in key gateway markets including Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.

Our History

The privately held company was originally founded in 2000 as Urban Partners, LLC. In 2011, Harbor Properties was acquired in Seattle, WA (which was founded in 1971 by Stimson Bullitt) to create Harbor Urban, LLC. In 2013, Urban Partners, Harbor Urban and Mack Real Estate Group partnered to create Mack Urban, LLC. Recently, Mack Urban was renamed to Mack Real Estate Development. The leadership team of Mack Real Estate Development is personally involved in day-to-day management of all investments.

Target Markets

Mack Real Estate Development pursues select market niches where its proficiency with complex investments and ability to innovate provide opportunities to create exceptional risk-adjusted returns for its partners and clients. With highly-specialized expertise in urban infill entitlement processes, complex private and/or public financial structures, and sustainable construction methods, Mack Real Estate Development identifies unique investments where it can utilize its superior marketing and contextual development skills to deliver top quality projects ideally suited for their locations. This results in superior financial performance.

Business Model

Mack Real Estate Development’s business model includes two fundamental investment types: development and value-add. The firm’s current equity projects include residential and mixed-use developments, in high barrier to entry, urban core and high-density areas of the West Coast that demonstrate continued population growth, as well as major land development projects requiring detailed planning and entitlement strategies in those markets. Mack Real Estate Development’s portfolio includes land development, mixed-use development, apartment and condominium homes, transit-oriented development, student housing, financial restructurings, build-to-suit development, and the adaptive reuse of historic structures.